Follow Your Dreams

by Tony L Harris | Interview with Andy Rose

Meet a man who followed his dream without hesitation and became one of Hollywood’s hottest writers for over 20 years. Andy Rose after graduating with a degree in biology from the University of Pennsylvania decided that writing, not science was the career for him, but journalism jobs were hard to find. That’s when Andy realized, “If you’re going to struggle at something, struggle at your true passion.” For Andy…that was the movies.

Knowing nobody, he moved to Los Angeles with nothing but a dream, took a few screenwriting classes, and within a few years sold his first project. After that, everything took off and he was writing for people such as Ron Howard, Tom Hanks and Eddie Murphy. In fact, he was one of the writers for the remake of “McHale’s Navy” in 1997 starring Tom Arnold, David Alan Grier and Debra Messing.

Andy has now moved away from Los Angeles to pursue a different life style for his family. He is still a writer but also enjoys being a screenwriting instructor at Ohio State University. However, his greatest new found joy is being a husband to his wife Marla and a great father to his sons Daniel age 6 and Jake age 4.

Enjoy! — Tony L. Harris

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