A Man on a Mission

by Tony L Harris | Interview with Derek Lewis

Meet Mr. Derek Lewis, a Katrina Survivor, married with four children who is now putting his life back together, making peace with the past and moving forward to brighter days. Listen in as Derek tells his story and describes in detail how he and his family have succeeded against the odds. With an unshakable faith in God…Derek continues to face life head on. He is truly “A Man On A Mission”.

Derek says, “Once you have stared death in the face and survived…you can never take any moment that you’re alive for granted. You come to terms with your mortality as you redefine your measure of a man.”

Yes, Hurricane Katrina has changed Derek forever but it is his faith in God that has allowed him to keep moving forward, embracing his life as a man, husband and father. We are honored to have you as our special guest.

This is The Derek Lewis Story.

Listen and Enjoy!

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