Desmond Welsh, Mortgage Broker Entrepreneur

by Tony L Harris | Interview with Desmond Welsh

I would like to introduce to your our next guest on the show, Mr. Desmond Welsh. Now, here is a gentleman, in my opinion, who has done it right. He has been successful in raising a great son and daughter and I call him my friend and brother. We’ve walked this spiritual journey for a long time together. We co-founded a spiritual group called Disciples of Prosperity (DOP) back in 1990 and that particular group was a strong catalyst for change for all of the men who joined over the next ten years. We all grew from the experience and the journey. Today we consider ourselves brothers and mastermind partners.

Desmond is a native of Jamaica W.I., previously lived in southern California for 37 years, and recently relocated to Austin, Texas, with his family. Desmond has fathered and parented a son who is a young adult now, attending a major university out west. His son will soon be graduating and his future looks bright. Also, Desmond is parenting a young daughter, who is in her final year of high school and upon graduating has aspirations and goals of also attending a major university to pursue her dreams in life.

Desmond has been a mortgage broker for the past 20 years. He holds a Real Estate license in the State of California and a Mortgage Broker’s license in the State of Texas.

Desmond says, “I consider myself a spiritual person who seeks continuous spiritual growth. I believe in a God – a non-physical entity greater than myself – and I seek to develop a greater relationship and understanding with that entity / God.”

This is Part One of the Desmond Welsh story.

Tony L. Harris

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