The Courage to Succeed

by Tony L Harris | Interview with Tyler Harris

The Courage To Succeed…

Today, we have on the show our youngest guest ever. He is a young man, 14 years of age, from Oklahoma, and already has the foresight and the awareness to recognize the importance of stepping up and speaking out with his story…his truth.

Here is a young man who is exercising his freedom of speech and has chosen to let his voice be heard. And even though he is only 14 years old, he has the wisdom and courage of men three times his age.

He is Mr. Tyler Harris. And although we share the same surname, in a very strange way, it saddens me to have to clarify by saying, “No, he is not my son.” In fact, we are of no relationship, but I can honestly say he is the type of young man that I would be proud to call my son.

For the last several weeks Tyler and I have been working successfully together in a mentoring program that we’re calling “OLD SCHOOL DAD® Mentors 4 Young Men”. Tyler is the first of many young men who are signing up to be a part of this new program. I can say without hesitation that I look forward to talking to him each week, and I have learned as much from talking to him as I hope he is learning from me.

Tyler is a People to People Student Ambassador, the starting center for his football team, a good student and a really mature young man. This is a story that may change everything…and it is my hope…my desire that his story reaches you in your very heart and soul.

This is the Tyler Harris story. Listen. Learn. Enjoy.

Tony L. Harris

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