Memoirs of an Old School Dad

by Tony L Harris | Interview with Coach Billy R Brown, Sr.

Billy Ray Brown, Sr., received his primary and secondary education in Texas where he was reared by his grandparents on their family farm. Early in Brown’s development, he began to show signs of leadership which was nurtured in church and projected in school. As a result of his athletic ability, public speaking talent, and agriculture exposure, Brown was offered scholarships in both athletics and agriculture. He chose to attend Wiley College in Marshall, Texas where he served as Football Captain, played basketball, ran on the track team, sang in the campus quartet, participated with the Wiley One-Act Players, and enjoyed being a fraternity brother with Alpha-Phi-Omega. While at Wiley, Brown was voted best dressed man on campus, most versatile, and considered one of the most popular young men on campus.

After completing his four year term on the football team, he received an offer from the Detroit Lions to try out for the team as a free-agent draft. However, Brown chose to focus his efforts on graduating from college; he received his B.S. Degree in Science and Health & Physical Education in 1962. Immediately he began his coaching career and gained experience coaching basketball, football and track. Ultimately, Brown’s love of basketball overshadowed his football and track interests, and he pursued only basketball coaching positions which enabled him to build impressive basketball records. He has experiences on the Middle, High School, and University levels.

Brown was selected to coach Division One Basketball at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana where he later obtained a Master’s Degree in School Administration and Supervision. Years later, Brown took a break from coaching to operate a successful insurance office, but soon accepted an Assistant Basketball coaching position at Georgia Southwestern State University where he served as coach for four years.

Next, he became an Assistant High School Principal, and in 1999 he acceptance a Head Principal position at Dougherty County Middle school in Albany, Georgia. In 2000, Brown was ordained as a minister and became the spiritual leader of Weldon Springs Baptist Church in Albany.

Currently, he is retired and resides in Newnan, Georgia with his wife Mary and their fourteen year old son Billy Ray Brown, II. Billy Ray Brown, Sr. enjoys reading the Bible, teaching bible study as the minister of the Bridge Builder’s Ministry at St. Smyrna Baptist Church, and managing his home-based business. Brown is the author of a defensive basketball book titled SAMM (Systematic Approach to Manipulative Movements).

Meet Coach Brown, a Retired Basketball Coach and Educator who is still going strong as a great leader, father, husband, teacher, minister and author. Listen in to what Coach Brown has to say about the importance of imparting the right wisdom into our children and how we as men must demonstrate good leadership skills doing the difficult times of challenge. Coach Brown believes that the real measure of a man has everything to do with how one relates to The Power of The Holy Spirit and that we must learn how to “live right – right now.”

Now that Coach Brown has officially retired, he and his wife Mary are the proud authors of a new and exciting series of motivational books for kids entitled “SAMM I Am” and “Grandpa’s Regret.” Brown is also the author of his newly revised basketball manual entitled “SAMM. A Systematic Approach to Manipulative Movement.” Brown says, “This is the book of all books for basketball coaches and players who know that defense is the key to winning games.”

It is with great honor that I present to you Coach Billy R. Brown, Sr.

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