Tony L. Harris has spent 30 years in business-to-business sales in the highly competitive transportation trucking industry.  His latest promotion to Corporate Trainer for ABF Freight represents his dream job and one of the greatest challenges afforded him since entering the trucking business.  He is extremely excited for this new opportunity to help inspire and foster positive change within his company and industry.

After graduating from Texas Tech University, Tony became a high school teacher and athletics coach in Orange, Texas while pursuing and ultimately completing his Master’s degree in Education.  Tony says, “I love being a teacher and I especially love challenging the minds of our youth.  It is the most rewarding and satisfying job ever. I am extremely grateful and honored anytime I am given the opportunity to serve and positively interact with our future leaders.”

Over the years, Tony has assisted thousands of people and has received numerous awards for his “excellence in service” as a Success Coach and Transformational Trainer.  Some of the organizations that he’s worked with are The Sickle Cell Disease Foundation, Salvation Army, Safe Harbor, Harbor Light Center, WIN Foundation, NAACP of Los Angeles, Master Minds in Action, Toastmasters International, Disciples of Prosperity Men’s Group and various schools and churches.

Tony now lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas, with his wife and twin sons and believes that family is the most important priority. He loves reading, writing, traveling, meditating and watching sports and strives to maintain a healthy “work life balance.”  In his spare time, he enjoys interviewing guest online at Old School Dad Talk Radio as well as facilitating Success Seminars for Young People and Adults. His latest book, LETTER from a DESPERATE DAD; One Man’s Decree to Make a Difference in the World, is his most urgent challenge to all dreamers who still believe in their inspired destiny and purpose.