Author: Tony L. Harris

Living With Cancer

Living With Cancer by Tony L. Harris | Interview with Coach Billy R. Brown, Sr. “It is my sincere hope that you will find strength, support, comfort, and healing as you or a loved one goes through the journey with cancer.” – Coach Brown Re-introducing Mr. Billy R Brown, Sr. Now…many of you may remember Coach Brown. He’s a retired basketball coach and educator, a husband, father, author and minister for God. At the young age of 77, he is still going strong in spite of being diagnosed five months ago with his toughest challenge on the battlefield...

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Double-Talk Mumbo-Jumbo

I am a father of ten year old twin boys, who is committed to being the best dad I can be. Lately, I have found myself in the last two weeks getting really caught up in the Bishop Eddie Long story (Minister Accused of Sleeping with Boys.) Because of this scandal on last Sunday, the big day that Mr. Long had committed to speak on the alleged sex scandal, I must admit that I sat with nervous anticipation. As a man with sons, I sincerely hoped that Bishop Long would say all the right words that would comfort and...

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Happy Fathers’ Day! Celebrating All Fathers!

Introducing Mr. Desmond Welsh: Born in Jamaica, grew up in Los Angeles. Lost his Jamaican accent, but kept his Jamaican values.

Today on this special Father’s Day, as we celebrate and honor all fathers all over the world, I introduce to you a great friend and someone who is no stranger to our show, Mr. Desmond Welsh. Now here is a gentleman in my opinion who has done it right. He has been successful in raising a great son and daughter and I call him my brother. We’ve walked this spiritual journey for a long time together. In 1990, we co-founded a very unique spiritual group called Disciples of Prosperity (DOP) and that particular group was a strong and powerful catalyst for change for all of the men who joined over the next ten years. We all grew and prospered from the experience and the journey. We are truly brothers and spiritual partners in this game called life.

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How Much Does Daddy Love You?

Everyday and especially at night before you go to sleep, I will ask you both the question as if it were the very first time I had ever asked – “How Much Does Daddy Love You?” The answer to which you always reply – “More Than Life Itself!” One day my sons – you will wonder why this daily ritual was so important to me and why did I insist on speaking out loud the 3 Most Important Words – “I Love You?” Well, the truth is, I always wanted to help paint the picture and fully express the...

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Daddy’s Little Girl

Meet Emerson Featherstone and his daughter, Deborah L Harris.

Today’s special occasion is about honoring our children. This is a story about a beautiful little girl and a father who didn’t know she existed. Deborah was sixteen when they first met and already feeling the peer pressure and challenges of being a teenager. Listen in and hear their story and how their lives were changed in an instant from their very first meeting. That was the beginning of their inseparable journey and for Deborah, it was an awakening that has inspired her to live life to the fullest, become a writer and publish her first novel titled, “Divine Order”. As Deborah would say, “Having her father in her life means everything to her.” It has assisted her each step alone her journey to have faith in God and believe in the power of love. We salute this Dad and Daughter duo and their fantastic journey. Listen and Enjoy!

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